What we do…

Instill Consulting partners with communities, municipalities, agencies and other firms to create better water quality for the purpose of good health, quality of living and responsible environmental stewardship. We listen, advocate, and educate. We problem solve, are innovative when appropriate, and are consistently resourceful and responsible. We help communities to be good resource caretakers, build consensus and use sound science to make real changes that span generations. Instill Consulting successfully accomplishes this vision by filling an often-overlooked niche in the world of water resource management. Based in Omaha, NE and having spent our careers working and living in the Midwest, we have developed a deep understanding of the distinctive water quality challenges and needs of the region. Instill uniquely addresses these needs by focusing exclusively on lake rehabilitation and protection. We combine an unmatched lake science skill set with the human component of lake management. We understand that good management is based on sound science, but we also appreciate that good science can fall short of making the desired fundamental changes in behavior and water quality without developing strong community support, appropriate goals, a focused effort, and a clear message. Instill proudly bridges this gap between science-based solutions and achieving the quality of life benefits that come with healthy lakes and strong communities. The services Instill provides are focused in the areas of Lake Assessment, Management and Restoration; Water Quality Monitoring, Analysis and Planning; Environmental Outreach and Education; and Community-based Planning.


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